Perspective is a casual puzzle game in which players navigate a 3-dimensional maze by controlling only rotation and gravity.

Swipe to rotate maze | Tap to activate gravity

Daily Puzzle

A new 3D puzzle is released everyday, can you solve it in the shortest time?

Your skills will be put to the test as the difficulty increases throughout the week - starting off Super Easy on Sunday, getting Quite Tricky on Wednesday, and finally reaching Brutally Hard on Saturday!

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Perspective (Original)

Solve 3D puzzles offline and on the go with the highly-rated game that is packed with more than 75 puzzles in a wide range of difficulties, plus many more available for purchase!

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Perspective: Perils of the Void

Join intrepid explorer extraordinaire - Vanessa Von Cactus - and her experimental new spaceship - The Seeker - as they travel the galaxy, uncover the mysteries of deep space, and try to escape the perils of the void!

Solve 3D puzzles by swiping to line up the perfect shot, and then launching to jump between asteroids, traverse portals, and reach the goal.

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